Welcome to Gov Audits, managed by Audit Services Pty Ltd (‘ASPL’).

Gov Audits provides the ongoing administration support for parties that wish to access Audit Cover that has been introduced to them by their professional adviser or an introducer with whom they have other business dealings.

Gov Audits is underwritten by QBE Insurance Limited, Level 5, 2 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000.


In the event of an audit, talk to us first so that we may properly instruct your professional adviser as to the claims process.


Please note that the decision to sign up is entirely yours. You are under no obligation to join. Initial cover is for twelve (12) months and three (3) weeks prior to the renewal date, the system will generate a Renewal Invite.


You have the choice of signing up ‘online’ (via this website) or ‘offline’ (by downloading and completing a form).


Either way, you will be required to use the ‘ID Code’ provided by your professional adviser or introducer via an invitation email or letter accountancy firm in their invitation letter or email.


After receipt of the ‘hard copy’ or the ‘online’ form and payment, we’ll issue and email you a Tax Invoice / Insurance Certificate.


If you require additional assistance, our contact details are below.



Please validate with the ‘ID Code’ provided and either (a) download; print; complete and mail off your ‘offline application’ or (b) proceed with the online application.


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If you require further assistance, we welcome your contact.   



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